Community Show with Mike Blair

Friday 14th December 4pm 

 This week we are pleased to have as our live studio guest on
“The Community Show” former Argyll & Bute local authority councillor for Bute Isobel Strong.  Although the emphasis there was on “former”, Isobel has far from given-up on working for the betterment and promotion of the Island and it’s residents.
        Isobel will be letting our listeners know of a recent initiative to highlight and hopefully stop the erosion of the “Bute” identity from publicly funded and representative bodies within Argyll & Bute, a subject of much resentment in local debate.   You can hear Isobel chatting to Mike Blair this coming Friday 14th December between 4pm and 6pm only on 96.5fm or on the internet at    Also available via the TuneIn app’