Spot The Car Sticker

Spot The Car Sticker!


Sponsored by Toffo’s Newsagent


Want to win £££?

Each week on Bute Island Radio, we are going to be giving one lucky listener a chance to win a fantastic spot cash prize!  We start off at week 1 with a £5 prize.  If the prize isn’t claimed, it rolls over and we add £5 to the total the next week, and so on until it is claimed and we start again at £5.


BIG WELL DONE TO CHARLENE POOLE, who won 5 weeks worth of rollover money £25 on September 9th!

What do I have to do to win?

Simple!  Go to Toffo’s Newsagent, Montague St, Rothesay and pick up your exclusive Bute Island Radio car sticker for only £1 (the £1 goes to the radio station), and display it in a prominent location on your car.

Each week, we will scout one car displaying a Bute Island Radio sticker.  Be sure to be listening to the Saturday breakfast show each week at 9am, as it is the ONLY place we will give the registration number out of the lucky winner.

What if it’s my car that’s the winning car? How do I claim?

So after doing your happy dance, you must do one of the following before 10am on the day your registration is read out:

Call 01700 504636 or Text 07989 088 087 to claim your prize.  You must then come to our premises at 7 Castle St, Rothesay to collect your prize.  We will ask you simply to lock/unlock your car to verify your claim.

Can I win more than once?

If you are lucky enough to be scouted twice (we use different people to pick the lucky winner!) then yes you can win more than once!